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"Badlands"(1973) **** Warner Bros. Color ****

Aug. 31st, 2015 | 08:14 pm

Kit(Martin Sheen) and Holly(Sissy Spacek)go on a killing spree in South Dakota.ore later...

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"Frankenstein"(1931) ***** Universal Pictures Horror/Thriller

Aug. 31st, 2015 | 07:45 pm

Black&White Who is madder the creator of Frankenstein or Frankenstein himself?Mary Shelly wrote the book "Frankenstein"and James Whale directed the movie "Frankenstein".It was with great skill by Whale to make "Frankenstein"which became a smashing hit with audiences and to this day has a large,admiring audience.
Boris Karloff(The Monster)and Colin Clive(Henry Frankenstein),one the big,lumbering freak and the other a miserable,"depressed scientist.

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"Storm In a Teacup"(1937)***1/2 Comedy/Drama

Aug. 19th, 2015 | 06:43 pm

Black&White Frank Burdon(Rex Harrison)is a new reporter on a small-town Scottish paper.He's told to interview William Gow(Cecil Parker)but he sees him mishandle a woman who cannot afford to license her dog,and runs that story instead setting off a rift leading to a criminal case.Meanwhile Burdon and Gow's daughter Victoria(Vivien Leigh)are having a relationship.Cast:Vivien Leigh(Victoria 'Vickie'Gow),Rex Harrison(Frank Burdon),Cecil Parker(Provost William 'Willie'Gow)Sara Allgood(Honoria Hegarty).Running time:89 minutes.Director:Victor Saville.

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"The Wilby Conspiracy"(1975) **** Drama/Thriller/Adventure

Aug. 6th, 2015 | 04:14 pm

A Black anti-apartheid activist and British engineer are forced to run from South African secret police.The Black activist Shack Twala(Sidney Poitier)has been acquitted of terrorism charges in Cape Town.At a bar,Shack and his lawyer Rina Van Niekirk(Prunella Gee) and her boyfriend Jim Keogh(Micheal Caine)are having a drink when two racist cops assault them.The two cops get roughed up beginning a getaway plan by Twala,Van Niekirk and Keogh to get out of South Africa.It isn't easy because the police and their leader Major Horn(Nicol Willamson)are on their tails.Director:Ralph Nelson.Running time:105 minutes.

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"The Racket"(1951)**** RKO Radio Pictures

Jul. 21st, 2015 | 06:34 pm

B/W Crime syndicate has moved into town headed by Nick Scanlon(Robert Ryan),a local crime boss.It's up to Captain Thomas McQuigg(Robert Mitchum)and others in law enforcement to stop Scanlon and prevent District Attorney Mortimer X Welsh from getting elected.Cast:Robert Mitchum(Cap.Thomas McQuigg),Lizabeth Scott(Irene Hayes),Robert Ryan(Nick Scanlon),William Conrad(Det.Sgt.Turk),Ray Collins(Dist.Atty.Mortimer X Welsh),Brett King(Joe Scanlon),Les Tremayne(Harry Craig,Crime Commission chief investigator).Running time:89 minutes.Director:John Cromwell.

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¨Too Late For Tears¨(1949) ****

Jul. 18th, 2015 | 04:32 pm

B/W As fate may have it,a satchel with stolen money within its contents is thrown from a car into the backseat of Jane and Alan Palmer's(Lizabeth Scott and Arthur Kennedy)car.The money is intended for someone else.Danny Fuller(Dan Duryea)comes looking for the money.Jane goes from ¨good Girl¨to femme fatale leaving a ruthless trail.More later...

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Omar Sharif,1932-2015,R.I.P.

Jul. 18th, 2015 | 03:29 pm

Omar Sharif was born Michel Demitri Shalhoub,into a well-to-do family in Alexandria,Egypt.He graduated from Cairo University with a degree in mathematics and physics and worked for the lumber company his father ran for several years.
In the 1950s,he took on the name Omar El-Sharif while starting an acting career.His good looks and his starring with one of Egypt's main actresses,Faten Hamana,brought him many fans.In 1955,he converted from Catholicism to Islam and married her soon after.They had a son,Tarek,who survives him,before separating in 1966 and divorcing in 1974.His ex-wife died in January.
In the 1960s, Sharif made many films,but he liked to gamble and play the horses.He was an expert on playing bridge.He wrote many articles on the subject and wrote a book ¨Omar Sharif's Life in Bridge¨(1983).
Mr. Sharif's was very busy in the 1960s as far as films such as ¨The Fall of the Roman Empire¨(1964),as a king of ancient Armenia;in ¨Behold a Pale Horse¨;¨The Yellow Rolls-Royce¨(165),as a Yugloslav patriot intent on saving his country from the Nazis;¨Genghis Klan¨(1965),as the Mongol conqueror;¨Doctor Zhivago¨(1965),as a Russian physician-poet during the Russian revolution in 1917;¨The Night of the Generals¨(1967),as a German intelligence¨ officer;¨Funny Girl¨(1968)as a gambler;then a box office failure ¨Che!¨(1969),as Che Guevara,oposite Jack Palance as Fidel Castro.

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¨The Wasp Woman¨(1959) ** Horror

Jun. 30th, 2015 | 08:26 pm

One of those bad horror flicks with a spark of interest and intrigue.Directed by Roger Corman,his main actress,Susan Cabot(Janice Starlin),plays an owner of a comestics firm,seeing her business eroding as well as her beauty seeks a psuedo-scientist,Michael Mark(Eric Zinthrop),who gives her a serum from wasps to restore her beauty.It does to a degree,but also brings horror.She's find one moment,but can turn into a vicious killer.Barboura Morris(Mary Dennison)and her executive advertising man,Anthony Eisley),see the worst of their boss'wasp-like face.Running time:75 minutes.Black&white.

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¨Conflict¨(1945) **** Warner Bros. Drama/Film Noir/Thriller

Jun. 25th, 2015 | 06:31 pm

B&W When Richard Mason(Humphrey Bogart) is slightly injured in a car accident
he exaggerates the injury to keep from going with his wife Kathryn Mason(Rose Hobart)
who plans to go on a trip.Mr. Mason has strong feelings for her sister which leads him to get his wife out of the way.She ¨dies¨in a car accident strangely enough.Did he tamper with the car to make it look like an accident?Or it may be he had nothing to do with her death at all.Or could she have faked her death to entrap her husband?Mason checks where the accident occurs.Does the husband resort to alibis to cause reasonable suspicion for Dr.Mark Hamilton(Syndey Greenstreet).Cast:Humphrey Bogart(Richard Mason),Alexis Smith(Evelyn Turner),Syndey Greenstreet(Dr. Mark Hamilton),Rose Hobart(Kathryn Mason),Charles Drake(Professor Norman Holsworth),Grant Mitchell (Det.
Lt. Egan),Ann Shoemaker(Nora Grant),Edwin Stanley(Phillip).Running time:85 minutes.Director:Curtis Bernhardt.

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Christopher Lee,1922-2015,Actor

Jun. 24th, 2015 | 04:22 pm

Born:Christopher Franf Carandini Lee,May 27,1922,in BBelgrain,London,England,UK;
Died:June 7,2015(age 93)in Chelsea,London,England,UK.He has 278 credits in film(TV).
He's known to play the villain in most films,starring as ¨Dracula¨,in many cases,in the mid-1950s to the early 1970s.One example,¨Dracula A.D.1972(1972);another example,
¨Scars of Dracula¨(1970).More later...

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