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Madeleine Sherwood,1922-2016,R.I.P.

Apr. 29th, 2016 | 04:53 pm

Madeleine Sherwood played the mother superior in the TV show "The Flying Nun"
along with Sally Fields,played the flying nun as Sister Bertrille. More later

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"Abar,The First Black Superman"(1977) *1/2 Jos-To Productions

Apr. 22nd, 2016 | 04:45 pm

Poor acting,poor print,muffed soundtrack and inferior script goes a long
way how this blaxplitation could be made even on a beer budget."Abar: The First Black Superman"theme where a black family from the "hood" move to an upscale white suburb could be interesting enough,if not provocative,but that is ruined by vacuous dialogue,facile plots and,of course,bad acting.
J. Walter Smith,plays Dr. Kincale,a scientist,he moves his family to the
a white suburb in Los Angeles(I believe so)where his white neighbors
immediately taunt him with racial epithets,damaging the Kincales property,
breaking into his mansion,threatening phone calls and other intimidations.
Abar(Tobar Mayo)and his quasi-Black Panthers come to the his rescue,vowing
to act as security for him and his family.During the exchange between the
scientist and Abar,the latter gentleman scolds his elder for moving from
the ghetto to the white suburb where his life as well as his family's lives
are in jeopardy.
In turn, the scientist promises to turn Abar into a black superman if he can agree to be his "guinea pig".To make matters worse,his son Tommie(Tony Rumford) is run over and killed by a white man in his car(today would be called road-rage).This causes his family to break up when the wife has had more than enough around the white folks and leaves the mansion.
Kincale gets his wish Abar becomes Superman to save this buised and
battled black family from the ugliness of their white neighbors.Looking at Abar--"the strongman"--he reminds me of a bunch of boys romping around on beds.
Director Frank Packard's only really sensible thing is by his character
Abar,in frustration,quotes:"And as I said,over and over again,it's time for
so-called leaders and our black elected politicians-to get off their rumps!"
Director:Frank Packard.Running time:102 minutes.

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Patty Duke(1946-2016)

Apr. 5th, 2016 | 08:29 pm

Patty Duke was born in Elmhurst,New Yok,to Frances Margaret and John Patrick Duke.Patty Duke's first big hit in film came with a role as Helen Keller,a
blind and deaf girl,starring with Anne Bancroft,in "The Miracle Worker"(1962).
She won an Oscar in the supporting role ,at only 16,the youngest person up to that time to win an Oscar.She had her own television sitcom "The Patty Duke Show"(1963-1966).Another film she appeared in "Valley of the Dolls"(1967)
a financial success but not a critical one.Duke had an important part in an "independent"film called "Me,Natalie"(1969)(also Al Pacino's first movie).

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"Buck Rogers"(1939) **** Sci-fi/Fantasy/Adventure

Mar. 31st, 2016 | 05:35 pm

Buck Rogers(Buster Crabble)and Buddy Wade(Jackie Moran)accidently crash on a mountaintop,Buddy releases a special gas putting themselves into
suspended animation hoping for a rescue team.When they awaken they find them-
selves 500 years into the future with Killer Kane(Anthony Warde)has taken
over the world.Buck,Buddy and Lieutenant Wilma Deering(Constance Moore)band to-
gether to overthrow Killer Kane.It's won't be easy.It also means even if they
are successful in defeating Kane they is no guarantee the three can reverse the
time warp.Cast:Buck Rogers(Buster Crabble),Jackie Moran(George 'Buddy'Wade),
Anthony Warde(Killer Kane),Jack Mulhall(Capt.Rankins).Running time:57 minutes.
Directors:Ford Beebe,Saul A.Goodkind.

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"Superman"(1948)**** Science Fiction /Adventure/Fantasy

Mar. 28th, 2016 | 06:57 pm

Black&White. One can liken Superman's arrival to planet Earth to Moses in the Bible,since both are sent away so as to avoid death:the former sent away by his parents before their planet dies;the latter is sent away on a river because the
king is murdering all male babies two years and younger.Both men become legend:
the former is a fictional hero,admired by many in comic books,plays and movies;
the latter,of course,a man revered as the leader of the Israelites and import-
ant for Jews and Christians alike.
Superman's landing on Earth the biggest single force against crime.But
Clark Kent(alter ego of Superman)would grow up like any other human.His foster
parents are magnificent caregivers.Clark Kent is no ordinary man exhibiting
exceptional strength and moral character.
In Spencer Gordon Bennet's version of Superman/Clark Kent is played by Kirk Alyn.Superman's first serious challenge to fight crime comes from Spider Lady,
played by Carol Forman.His loyal sidekicks are Lois Lane(Noel Neill) and Jimmy
Olsen(Tommy Bond).They all work for The Daily Planet,of course,Superman in de-
guise as the nerdy Clark Kent.
Kirk Alyn played Superman before Steve Reeves,Christopher Reeve,Henry Carvil
or Brandon Routh.Cast:Kirk Alyn(Superman/Clark Kent),Noel Neill(Lois Lane),Tom
my Bond(Jimmy Olsen),Carol Forman(Spider Man),Pierre Watkin(Perry White).
Director:Spencer Gordon Bennet.

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2015 Best Movies

Mar. 4th, 2016 | 04:08 pm

3.)"Beasts of No Nation"
4.)"The Maritian"
9.)"Straight Outta Compton"
10.)"Bridge of Spies"
2015 Highly Recommended Movies
2.)"The Hateful Eight"
4.)"It Follows"
5.)"When Marnie Was There"
6.)"The Big Short"
7.)"Mad Max:Fury Road"
9.)"The Danish Girl"

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"Too Young to Kiss"(1951)**** MGM Comedy/Romance

Feb. 29th, 2016 | 06:16 pm

B&W Eric Wainwright(Van Johnson)is an impresario evaluating mostly children
for concert musical talent,hoping to break it big.Along comes Cynthia Potter
(June Allyson),talented concert player but dresses like a little girl to try
to sour into stardom.But there's a price,a price that becomes painful at times
for her she simply resorted to cheating to achieve her goal.And as for him,
well,he learns to have love for her...but she's a piece of work.Cast:June Allyson(Cynthia Potter),Van Johnson(Eric Wainwright),Gig Young(John Tirsen),
Rita Corday(Denise Dorcet),Kathryn Givney(Miss Benson),Larry Keating (Danny Cutler),Hans Conried(Mr. Sparrow),Esther Dale(Mrs. Boykin),Antonio Filauri
(Veloti),Jo Gilbert(Gloria),Alexander Steinert(Conductor).Running time:91 minutes.Director:Robert Z.Leonard.

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"The Letter"(1940)**** Warner Bros. B&W

Jan. 29th, 2016 | 04:54 pm

Wife of a rubber plantation administrator kills a man she claims in self-defense.Does anybody believe her?Yes,mostly everybody.Leslie Croslie(Bette Davis),with husband's Robert Croslie's help,gets a lawyer to prove her case.But she's in Sinapore and a letter may prove her undoing,not to mention some shadowy characters lie in waiting for the moment to respond.William Wyler's
direction.Ninety-five minutes of who really did it.

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"Abraham Lincoln"(1930)*** Biography/Drama/History/War/Romance

Jan. 25th, 2016 | 07:24 pm

D.W.Griffith Productions
D.W.Griffith is known for his famous(or infamous)film "Birth of a Nation",in 1915,arguably the first full-feature film on record.Though that film went down as clear pro-KKK propaganda,it must be said Griffith invented the basics of film language and his choreography masterful which in his film file
brought film to higher levels.
Long before Steven Spielberg's beautiful film bio "Lincoln"(2012),
D.W.Griffith directed "Abraham Lincoln"(1930)tells the story of the 16th
president's early life,first jobs,work as a lawyer,courtship with Mary Todd,
debate between Lincoln and Douglas and,of course,his assassination.There's no
battle scenes.Cast:Walter Huston(Abraham Lincoln),Kay Hammond(Mary Todd Lincoln),Gordon Thorpe(Tad Lincoln),Ian Keith(John Wilkes Booth),Hobart Bosworth(General Lee),Oscar Apfel(Secretary of War Stanton),Frank Campeau
(General Sheridan),Lucille La Verne(Mid-Wife).Running time:90 minutes.Director:D.W.Griffith.

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"Shockproof"(1948) ****

Jan. 9th, 2016 | 04:50 pm

Crime/Drama/Film Noir B&W
Bombshell blonde Jenny Marsh(Patricia Knight)released after 5 years in prison for killing a man in defense of her louche lover Harry Wesson(John Baragrey).Her parole officer Griff Marat(Cornel Wilde)wants her to go straight with no exceptions so he finds her a job in his home.When she starts to fall for Griff things go awry and more so when she's secretly seeing Harry.One of director Douglas Sirk's dramatic crime/drama films.80 minutes of tug-of-war.

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