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"Picnic At Hanging Rock"(1975) ****1/2 Mystery/Drama Australian Film Commission

Jul. 18th, 2016 | 06:18 pm

Tagline:The last thing you want to happen is to explain why a teacher and three girls on a picnic are missing.
On Valentine Day,in 1900,three students and a teacher from an Australian girls' school go on a picnic on Hanging Rock,then disappear.How and why they disappeared haunts
the ones back at the school.All kinds of questions come up only to be unanswered.How can
four people from a school going on a picnic simply end up missing?How unnerving:foul play
or ran away.This is a well-thought film that should leave you baffled.
Cast:Rachel Roberts(Mrs.Appleyard),Vivean Gray(Miss McCraw),Helen Morse(Mlle. de Pitiers),Kirsty Child(Miss Lumley),Tony Llewelllyn-Jones(Tom),Jacki Weaver(Minnie),Frank
Gunnell(Mr. Whitehead),Anne-Louise Lambert(Miranda),Karen Robson(Marion),Christine Schuler
(Edith),Margaret Nelson(Sara),Ingrid Mason(Rosamund),Jenny Lovell(Blanche),Janet Murray
(Juliana),Vivienne Graves(Pupil),Angela Bencini(Pupil),Amanda White(Pupil),Lindy O'Connell
(Pupil),Verity Smith(Pupil).Running time:115 minutes.Country:Australia.Languages:English/
French.Director:Peter Weir.

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"The L Shaped Room"(1962) ***** Drama/Romance B&W

Jul. 1st, 2016 | 04:51 pm

A young woman,unmarried and pregnant,finds herself living in a room in the slums of
London.Jane Fosset(Leslie Caron)is the young woman in the situation getting pregnant by
a struggling writer named Toby(Tom Bell)who seems to be clueless on what he should do.
She in turn considers having an abortion or keeping the baby hoping to re-gain Toby's "love".
What she decides to do may surprise some and delight others.Cast:Leslie Caron(Jane Fosset),Tom
Bell(Toby),Avis Bunnage(Doris),Patricia Phoenix(Sonia),Emlyn Williams(Dr. Weaver).Country:UK.
Running time:126 minutes.Director:Bryan Forbes.

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"Live A Little,Love A Little"(1968) ** MGM

Jun. 24th, 2016 | 04:54 pm

A man doesn't want his boss to know he's working for a girlie magazine.Greg Nolan
(Elvis Presley)is the the key player here and so is Bernice(Michele Carey)in one of Presley's
31 movies are there abouts.Cast:Elvis Presley(Greg Nolan),Michele Carey(Bernice),Don Porter(Mike
Lansdown),Dick Sargent(Harry),Rudy Vallee(Penlow),Sterling Holloway(Milkman),Celese Yarnall
(Ellen),Eddie Hodges(Delivery Boy),Mary Grover(Miss Selfridge),Emily Banks(RKC&P Receptionist),
Running time:90 minutes.Director:Norman Taurog.Tagline:Bernice--You know it's very difficult
being a beautiful woman,men just never leave you alone.Greg Nolan--You won't believe this,but I'm leaving you alone.

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"She-Wolf of London"(1946) **1/2 Crime/Horror/Mystery Black&White

Jun. 6th, 2016 | 06:30 pm

Phyllis Allenby,played by June Lockhart,thinks she's cursed thinking the Allenby Curse is back.She fears she is a werewolf and has killed a little boy and plans to marry her
love interest Barry Lanfield(Don Porter)might come unglued.Lockhart's character,especially
after finding mud on her shoes and blood on her hands,finds herself hysterical,sleepless
nights,poor appetite and depression.By her antics,how can we really believe the poor woman
is a stalker and a serial killer?
"She-Wolf of London"is not a monster movie but a mystery on not the best of sets
in the world.The director shows shadows and quirky movements and there's little to show in
the way of a monster.Porter comes off stiff and almost boring while her friend Carol,played
by Jan Wiley,is much more interesting than the so-called beau.And with all that's happening
around unsolved murders,it is the sinister servant Martha Winthrop(Sara Haden)who's trying
to drive Phyllis crazy so her daughter Carol can marry Barry and live the life of opulence.
My goodness,what some people will do for money:anything.If anything,the film takes
an interesting and worthy look a society's layered class system."She-Wolf of London"doesn't
qualify as a true werewolf movie.The film is from Universal Pictures directed by Jean
Yarbrough.Running time:61 minutes.

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"The Guns of Navarone"(1961) ****1/2 War/Drama/Adventure/Action Columbia Pictures

May. 31st, 2016 | 08:50 pm

A team of saboteurs fight their way behind German enemy lines to destroy two powerful Nazi
guns."The Guns of Navarone"has a superb cast such as Gregory Peck(Mallory),Anthony Quinn(Andrea)
and David Niven(Miller),the latter has a particularly refined role as Captain Miller.This is
a most dangerous undertaking if caught one is shot on the spot or captured to be tortured.The
Germans want to win the war too,although in this film the tide seems to favor the Allies.More

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"Attack of the Puppet People"(1958) *** American International Pictures

May. 28th, 2016 | 03:48 pm

Horror/Sci Fi B&W
One lonely man Mr. Franz(John Hoyt)makes dolls for a living,an obsession I'd say.
He's seems eccentric(and he is)but his dark side he makes dolls out of human subjects.When Sally Reynolds(June Kenny)applies for a job as secretary for Mr.Franz,she soon begins to wonder about what happened to his previous secretary Janet Hall(Jean Moorehead)and he brushes it off.
Sally's love interest Bob Westley(John Agar)meets Mr.Franz and later when He proposes
to her and disappears that's one more person coming up missing on Franz's watch.It looks like
the madman has turned him into a doll,a puppet.Sally gets more suspicious when she sees a doll
that looks identical to Bob.More soon...

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Alan Young,96,Dies,Known As 'Wilburrrr on 'Mr Ed'

May. 23rd, 2016 | 08:41 pm

Alan Young known as a comedian and a supporting actor,however,best known as "Mr. Ed",
on the sitcom of the 60s.He had the talking horse who only talked to Wilbur,played
by Alan Young,s,California.He was 96.
Young had several films under his belt like "Tom Thumb"(1958) and "The Time Machine"(1960).But as a boy I enjoyed "Mr. Ed" immensely.Young claimed he coated the horse's mouth
with peanut butter.Another story the crew put a piece of nylon in Ed's mouth giving the
illusion the horse was talking behind Alan Lane(d.1973),an actor of B westerns,did the voice.

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"The Incredible Shrinking Man"(1957)**** Universal International Pictures B&W

May. 17th, 2016 | 05:02 pm

Scott Carey(Grant Williams)and his wife Clarice Carey(April Kent)are enjoying a
boat cruise when a mist passes over them.This is the beginning of troubles for Scott for his
doctors cannot find why he losing size.Then he's accidentally an insecticide while driving
and within days he begins to shrink causing his wife to go borderline hysterical.To make matters worse,the doctors cannot explain the cause why Scott is shrinking.Each day,each week,Scott is
witnessing his clothes are not fitting right and he getting shorter.Scott cannot catch a break.
Meanwhile a media frenzy is around the Careys as people camp out on their lawn and cameramen
look for any movement in the house.
As weeks pass,Scott shrinks to six inches tall and lives in a dollhouse where his
cat is now a major menace.Clarice comes home to find him missing thinking the cat ate him.
Scott finds his way to the basement where a spider becomes the enemy.Survival for Scott in
his own home is tantamount to being lost in a forest avoiding the dangers there.
Moreover, the wife thinks he's dead as does his brother(Paul Langton).Scott has to
find his way to prove he's still alive.
Cast:Grant Williams(Scott Carey),Randy Stuart(Louise Carey),Arpil Kent(Clarice Carey),Paul Lang-
ton(Charie Carey),Raymond Bailey(Doctor Thomas Silver),William Schallert(Doctor Arthur Bramson),
Helene Marshall(Nurse),Diana Darrin(Nurse),Billy Curtis(Midget).Running time:81 minutes.
Director:Jack Arnold.

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Madeleine Sherwood,1922-2016,R.I.P.

Apr. 29th, 2016 | 04:53 pm

Madeleine Sherwood played the mother superior in the TV show "The Flying Nun"
along with Sally Fields,played the flying nun as Sister Bertrille,in the 1960s.
The TV show ran for 82 episodes until April 1970.Ms. Sherwood was born in Montreal,
Canada on November 13,1922, to Laurence Thornton and Yvonne Villard.She was blacklisted
for suspected Communist sympathies about the time she was in "The Crucible",Arthur Miller's
allegory about McCarthyism and in the 1960s she was an dedicated civil rights activist.
(As a member of the Congress of Racial Equality,she was arrested in 1963 during a freedom march.)Sherwood starred in "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof"(1958),although film debut was "Baby
Doll"in 1956.She starred as Miss Lucy in "Sweet Bird of Youth"(1962);"Parrish"(1961),
"Strindberg on Love"(1960),"Hurry Sundown"(1967),"Pendulum"(1969)"They Only Come Out at
Night"(1975),"The Changeling"(1980),"Resurrection"(1980),"Teachers"(1984),"Silence Like
Glass"(1989),"Unremarkable Life"(1989).

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"Abar,The First Black Superman"(1977) *1/2 Jos-To Productions

Apr. 22nd, 2016 | 04:45 pm

Poor acting,poor print,muffed soundtrack and inferior script goes a long
way how this blaxplitation could be made even on a beer budget."Abar: The First Black Superman"theme where a black family from the "hood" move to an upscale white suburb could be interesting enough,if not provocative,but that is ruined by vacuous dialogue,facile plots and,of course,bad acting.
J. Walter Smith,plays Dr. Kincale,a scientist,he moves his family to the
a white suburb in Los Angeles(I believe so)where his white neighbors
immediately taunt him with racial epithets,damaging the Kincales property,
breaking into his mansion,threatening phone calls and other intimidations.
Abar(Tobar Mayo)and his quasi-Black Panthers come to the his rescue,vowing
to act as security for him and his family.During the exchange between the
scientist and Abar,the latter gentleman scolds his elder for moving from
the ghetto to the white suburb where his life as well as his family's lives
are in jeopardy.
In turn, the scientist promises to turn Abar into a black superman if he can agree to be his "guinea pig".To make matters worse,his son Tommie(Tony Rumford) is run over and killed by a white man in his car(today would be called road-rage).This causes his family to break up when the wife has had more than enough around the white folks and leaves the mansion.
Kincale gets his wish Abar becomes Superman to save this buised and
battled black family from the ugliness of their white neighbors.Looking at Abar--"the strongman"--he reminds me of a bunch of boys romping around on beds.
Director Frank Packard's only really sensible thing is by his character
Abar,in frustration,quotes:"And as I said,over and over again,it's time for
so-called leaders and our black elected politicians-to get off their rumps!"
Director:Frank Packard.Running time:102 minutes.

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