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"The Italian Job"(1969)

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Jan. 22nd, 2013 | 04:52 pm

Action/Crime/Comedy ***
One man recently out of prison decides to take a danger chance by pulling off a big robbery under the Mafia's nose.Will he pull it off without repercussions?F. Gary Gray made a remake of "The Italian Job"in 2003,one of the few remakes that is as good as-if not better than--the original.I think it's better than the 1969 version.Any way,Sir Michael Caine as Charlie Croker(Mark Wahlberg plays Charlie Croker in the 2003 version)plans steal a gold shipment in Turin,Italy,by creating a traffic jam.Will he and his cohorts pull it off?Will he and his cohorts escape the wrath of of the Mafia?Clever heist that has danger at nearly every turn.Is it the Mafia,the police or a traitor who foils the deal?cast:Sir Micheal Caine(Charlie Croker),Noel Coward(Mr. Bridger),Benny Hill(Professor Simon Peach),Raf Vallone(Altabani),Margaret Blye(Lorna).Language:English and Italian.Country:"UK.Running time;99 minutes.Director:Peter Collinson.

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