"I'd Climb The Highest Mountain"(1951) Drama Technicolor ****

A Methodist minister William Asbury Thompson(William Lundigan) and his newly wed wife Mary Elizabeth Thompson,nee Eden(Susan Hayward) move to the mountains of West Virginia to head a church andto help the community.She's a city girl first time she's making a life in rural America.Manywelcome the newcomers and some others are less receptive.Settling down in beautiful country,however,doesn't mean there are not serious problems to be faced.One neighbor in particular isnot a believer finds religion to be a bunch of superstitions and a cause of wars.This is one of Susan Hayward's best performances and a good drama as a whole.Cast:SusanHayward(Mary ElizabethThompson,nee Eden),William Lundigan(William Asbury Thompson),Barbara Bates(Jenny Brock),GeneLockhart(Jeff Brock)Ruth Donnelly(Glory White),Kathleen Lockhart(Mrs. Brock),Jean Inness(Mrs.Martha Salter),Rory calhoun(Jack Stack),Lynn Bari(Mrs. Billywith),Alexander Knox(Tom Salter),Frank Tweddell(Dr. Fleming),Jerry Vandiver(George Salter).Running time:87 minutes.Director:Henry King.

"Melinda"(1972) ***1/2 (R) Action/Crime/Drama/Romance

A jockey Frankie J. Parker(Calvin Lockhart) seeks revenge for a woman he barely knows when
she's murdered by the local mob with intent on framing the disk jockey Frankie J. Parker
for her murder.He's not going down without a fight,hard-core fighting--martial arts fighting.
Anyone who goes up against Frankie don't fare well.More later...

Robert Vaughn,1932-2016--"The Man From U.N.C.L.E."

Before I go into Robert Vaughn's television-film background,he came out publicly against
the Vietnam War.At that time he leaned more toward politics than entertainment,or though it
seemed.During the time of the Cold War,he played Napoleon Solo in one of television's most
popular show "The Man From U.N.C.L.E." tuned in by millions of Americans.Before "The Man
From U.N.C.L.E.",Mr. Vaughn the old boyfriend of Laura Petrie(Mary Tyler Moore)on "The Dick
Van Dyke Show"on TV and played a gunman in the film"The Magnificent Seven"(1960).Vaughn was
nominated for his role in "The Young Philadelphians"(1959)and in 1978 winning an Emmy for his
performance as a White House chief of staff in the mini-series "Washington:Behind Closed Doors".
"The Man From U.N.C.L.E."lasted from 1964 to 1968.Later in life,he took roles of less quality
he felt such as playing a millionaire looking to dominate the world through computers in
Richard Lester's "Superman III"(1983)and a mercenary in "Battle Beyond the Stars"(1980),a low
level science fiction movie.He married Linda Staab,an actress,in 1974, on the same stage as he was a stage production in "The Tender Trap"(1970).

"America America"(1963) ***1/2 Warner Bros. Drama Black and White

Tired of living with his family in Greece,a young man desperately tries to emigrate
to America in spite of most of his family members want him to stay.But getting across the ocean
to America is not nearly as easy as he thinks.Cast:Stathis Giallelis (Stavros Topouzoglou),Frank
Wolff(Vartan Topouzoglou),Elena Karem(Vasso Topouzoglou),Linda Marsh(Thomma Sinnikoglou)),John Marley(Garabet),Estelle Hensley(Grandmother Topouzoglou),Paul Mann(Aleko Sinnikoglou),Salem
Ludwig(Odysseus Topouzoglou),Lou Antonio),Harry Davis(Issac Topouzoglou).Running time:174 minutes.Director:Elia Kazan.

Curtis Hanson,1945-2016

Curtis Hanson is born on March 24,1945;Died on September 20,2016.Mr. Hanson was a
conscious filmmaker as much of his work showed it.Small films like "The Bedroom Window"(1987)
and "Sweet Kill"(1972),he went on to more major works including "The Hand That Rocks the Cradle"
(1992)"The River Wild"(1994),and the Academy Award winning film "L.A. Confidential"(1997).He also pulled off "8 Mile"(2002)under Universal Pictures starring Eminem.Hanson was 71.

Gene Wilder,1933-2016,One of the Funniest In Hollywood

Gene Wilder became one of the best comic actors who could pull off the neurotic performances
and serious sides of a man.He was born of Russian parents in Milwaukee,Wisconsin,in 1933.He
died in Stamford,Connecticut,on August 29,2016.Some of his films:"Bonnie and Clyde"(1967),D.
Arthur Penn;"The Producers"(1967),D.Mel Brooks;"Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"(1971),D.
Mel Stuart;"Blazing Saddles"(1974),D.Mel Brooks;"Young Frankenstein"(1974),D.Mel Brooks;"Silver
Streak"(1976),Arthue Hiller;"Stir Crazy"(1980),Sidney Poitier;"Hanky Panky"(1982),D.Sidney
Poitier;"See No Evil,Hear No Evil"(1989),D.Arthur Hiller.

"All Fall Down"(1962) **** MGM Drama

In Black & White
"All Fall Down" epitomizes a dysfunctional family named Ralph Willart(Karl Madden),
Annabel Williant(Angela Lansbury),the parents,the two sons Berry-Berry Willart(Waren Beatty),
and the younger son Clinton Willart(Brandon de Wilde).The mother is possessive and the father
a constant complainer.What's more,Berry-Berry meets a nice,pretty girl Echo O'Brien(Eva Marie
Saint)who he often treats poorly with his violence and jealousy.On the other hand,Clinton falls
for her also and that leads to a conflict.A film that still has good material if somewhat dated.
Cast:Eva Marie Saint(Echo O' Brien),Warren Beatty(Berry-Berry Willart),Brandon de Wilde(Clinton
Willart),Karl Madden(Ralph Willart),Angela Lansbury(Annabel Willart),Constantance Ford(Mrs. Man-
del),Jennifer Howard(Myra),Evans Evans(Hedy).Running time:111 minutes.Director:John Franken-