howardscorner (howardscorner) wrote,

"The Boy with Green Hair"(1948) **** RKO Radio Pictures

Drama/Family/Comedy Color
A boy Peter Fry(Dean Stockwell)comes to live with his Grandpa(Pat O'Brien)after the boy's parents are lost in the London Blitz.The movie is a rendition of not welcoming someone different and trying to cope with fitting in or being on the outside.A more subtle point is about war and its aftermath on a society,especially children.The movie is actually better than its rather corny exterior.Cast:Pat O'Brien(Gramp),Barbara Hale(Miss Brand),Richard Lyon(Micheal),Robert Ryan(Dr.Evans),Walter Catlett(The King),Dean Stockwell(Peter Frye).Running time:82 minutes.Director:Joseph Lossey.

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