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James Garner,1928-2014,R.I.P.

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Jul. 22nd, 2014 | 12:10 pm

James Garner was one of those actors that could be very affective on television and silver screen,whether its his television hit ¨Maverick¨(1950s)or in ¨Murphy's Romance¨(1985),where he was nominated for an Academy Award,and much more.One probably remembered his witty role ¨The Rockford Files¨on TV series(1974-1980)playing a detective.He appeared in over 50 movies,many of them dramas,such as a shy naval officer in ¨The Americanization of Emily¨(1964) and in the World War II movie as a prisoner in Nazi camp¨The Great Escape¨(1963).Garner could be comic actor or serious villain or determined detective.Back in 1961,He played a doctor in ¨The Children's Hour¨,an adaptation of Lillian Hellman's play,engaged to a schoolteacher(Audrey Hepburn),accused of being a lesbian.(He said ¨The Americanization of Emily¨,starring with Julie Andrews,was his favorite film.)In 1963,he appeared in three romantic comedies:¨The Thrill of It All¨,¨Move Over Darling¨,both with Doris Day;and ¨The Wheeler Dealers¨,with Lee Remick.He starred in comic westerns,¨Support Your Local Sheriff¨(1969)and Support Your Local Gunfighter¨(1971).

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