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"All Fall Down"(1962) **** MGM Drama

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Aug. 24th, 2016 | 06:44 pm

In Black & White
"All Fall Down" epitomizes a dysfunctional family named Ralph Willart(Karl Madden),
Annabel Williant(Angela Lansbury),the parents,the two sons Berry-Berry Willart(Waren Beatty),
and the younger son Clinton Willart(Brandon de Wilde).The mother is possessive and the father
a constant complainer.What's more,Berry-Berry meets a nice,pretty girl Echo O'Brien(Eva Marie
Saint)who he often treats poorly with his violence and jealousy.On the other hand,Clinton falls
for her also and that leads to a conflict.A film that still has good material if somewhat dated.
Cast:Eva Marie Saint(Echo O' Brien),Warren Beatty(Berry-Berry Willart),Brandon de Wilde(Clinton
Willart),Karl Madden(Ralph Willart),Angela Lansbury(Annabel Willart),Constantance Ford(Mrs. Man-
del),Jennifer Howard(Myra),Evans Evans(Hedy).Running time:111 minutes.Director:John Franken-

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