howardscorner (howardscorner) wrote,

"I'd Climb The Highest Mountain"(1951) Drama Technicolor ****

A Methodist minister William Asbury Thompson(William Lundigan) and his newly wed wife Mary Elizabeth Thompson,nee Eden(Susan Hayward) move to the mountains of West Virginia to head a church andto help the community.She's a city girl first time she's making a life in rural America.Manywelcome the newcomers and some others are less receptive.Settling down in beautiful country,however,doesn't mean there are not serious problems to be faced.One neighbor in particular isnot a believer finds religion to be a bunch of superstitions and a cause of wars.This is one of Susan Hayward's best performances and a good drama as a whole.Cast:SusanHayward(Mary ElizabethThompson,nee Eden),William Lundigan(William Asbury Thompson),Barbara Bates(Jenny Brock),GeneLockhart(Jeff Brock)Ruth Donnelly(Glory White),Kathleen Lockhart(Mrs. Brock),Jean Inness(Mrs.Martha Salter),Rory calhoun(Jack Stack),Lynn Bari(Mrs. Billywith),Alexander Knox(Tom Salter),Frank Tweddell(Dr. Fleming),Jerry Vandiver(George Salter).Running time:87 minutes.Director:Henry King.

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